Two-way Radios

Two-way Radios

Our two-way radios keep your School connected and working together, Every day of the year.

With the best two-way radios in the industry, and decades of experience, SaferSchool has exactly the communications solution you’re looking for in your operation.

We offer Two-way radios ideally suited for a variety of industries and uses. SaferSchool has the expertise to get you up and running with the perfect two-way radio solution for your needs. Contact us today!

DLR radios

SaferSchool offers two product lines of radios – our Business series and our Commercial series.

School staff using two-way radio

Need radios to communicate instantly with staff across multiple floors? SaferSchool Two-way radios provide all that and more.

Contact SaferSchool today to find out more about the perfect two-way radio package for you!